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Love Your Gut

Aug 16, 2019

Today’s Experts are Integrative Psychiatrist and Metaphysician Dr. Tracy Latz and Transpersonal Psychologist and Metaphysician Dr. Marion Ross.  After years of treating patients and clients, they formed an exciting company together called, where they can help people explore healing beyond the conventional western teachings of psychiatry and psychotherapy. 

Listen to Dr. Latz and Dr. Ross sharhow the Gut/Mind Body Connection work together which controls your health. 

  • Learn about the Gut/Brain Emotional Response; how our emotions trigger our physical gut response. For example: bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation and more… what is your body really telling you?   
  • Discover what part of the anatomy stores fear and worry in our GI system and what part of the body stores guilt and shame.  
  • Follow the path of trauma and how the Etheric Body (our emotional state) affects the endocrine system and can create a false belief that may eventually lead to PTSD.  
  • Learn where you can receive amazing coping and healing techniques that are FREE, that you can start today to help with anxiety that can prohibit GI issues from occurring.