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Love Your Gut

Aug 9, 2019

Today’s Expert is Hannah Crum better known as the Kombucha Momma! 

Hannah is an author, master brewer, KKamp Founder, community educator, commercial consultant, trade association president, and Kombucha Ambassador to the world. She has a bestselling book, entitled,  “The Big Book of Kombucha.”  

As a home brewer, she runs a kombucha kamp for those seeking to learn how to make this amazing tea for optimal health. She and her husband also have expanded their business and co-founded Kombucha Brewers International.  They serve to over 75 countries.  Their mission is stated as To Change The World One Gut At A Time.”  

  • Listen to Hannah share how Kombucha can detoxify and fortify the gut with what it needs. 
  • Learn how to trust your gut and identify how your body feels after you eat.  
  • Discover the 7 Day Kombucha Challenge and take your health into a new direction 

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