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Love Your Gut

Aug 2, 2019

Today’s expert is leading research microbiologist Kiran Krishnanpioneering the way in microbiology with his gut commensal spore research.

Kiran is an international speaker with a focus on educating the world on human microbiome and wellness. He has published groundbreaking work on the leaky gut showing a reversal of gut enteropathy within 30 days.  Kiran has conducted dozens of clinical trials in human nutrition to understand the microbiome and our gut.  

  • Listen to Kiran talk about how the aliens within our bodies control everything concerning our health. 
  • Discover why a number of probiotics do not survive through the gastric process, thereby, destroying the efficacy of the product.   
  • Learn what really stops a leaky gutthe number one driver of chronic illnesses. 
  • Intermittent fasting16-hour fast can reset your gut and re-energize the immune system.