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Love Your Gut

Jul 12, 2019

Today’s Expert is Dr. Joel Fuhrman who is recognized globally as a leading nutritional researcher and serves as President of the Nutritional Research Foundation.  He is also a six-time New York Times best-selling author.  His book on Eat to Live was on the Best Seller List for over 90 weeks!  Often called “America’s Health Coach,” Dr. Fuhrman is featured on PBS Television.

  • Listen to Dr. Joel share the most proven foods to prevent and reverse the disease process. 

  • Find the diet that will turn back the clock of aging and restore your vitality!  

  • Learn the “true meaning of organic” and how organic labeling can be misleading in some products.

  • Discover how the diet you’re on for weight reduction, could be preventing you from the weight you want to lose.